Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Woman Brutally Stripped Naked by Male Deputies On Camera

This is what happens when you call the police for help. This woman had been assaulted by a family member, and called the police for help. This is the sort of help you might expect to get, the next time you call police. 

This woman was violently strip-searched by male deputies (with a female present). Although it was against departmental regulation for a male deputy to strip search a female suspect, it was their contention that they were not bound by that regulation in this case. The deputies claimed that this was not a strip-search, but rather a suicide prevention measure, after the arrestee made "suicidal statements."

Hope Steffey admits that she was questioned about suicidal thoughts, as part of normal screening procedures. When asked if she had suicidal thoughts, her reply, "What now, or ever?" is allegedly what incited this response...



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